Candle Tips

Why Wooden Wicks?

Well... because they are pretty...Obviously.  We genuinely enjoy the experience of the subtle crackle they they produce when burning.

Our wooden wicks are each unique to the candle & can vary by size and shape. This simple cosmetic flaws do not take away from an amazing candle experience.

Why Cotton Wicks?

Traditional candles wicks are cool too and this one is clean, it's also self-trimming.

Don't Light that Candle just yet!

Before each use, please trim the wick to remove any leftover burnt wood with a wick trimmer, nail clippers or your fingers. Trimming your wick is essential for a debris free and even burn. Trim your wick to 1/8" above the wax.

Candle Do's:

Please allow candle wax to fully melt to the edges of the vessel.
Keep burning candles out of reach from children & pets.


Candle Don'ts:

Do not leave a burning candle unattended. 
Do not burn candles around flammable materials.
Do not light candles around windows or spaces with drafts.
Do not light your candle when the wick has passed the clip or is below it. 


Things to keep in mind

The potency of the candle fragrance will depend on the size of the room, and the height of your ceiling.